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What Happens To My Car If My Oil Filter Is Loose?

What Happens To My Car If My Oil Filter Is Loose?

What Happens To My Car If My Oil Filter Is Loose?

What Happens To My Car If My Oil Filter Is Loose-1


The oil filter is one of the most important parts under the hood of a car. It keeps the oil clean and regulates its pressure. A loose filter can lead to many problems. 


Loose Filters Can Create Leaks


Oil is constantly pushing through the filter at high pressure and elevated temperatures. This means a leak can happen at any time. If the filter is loose, the liquid will escape more quickly, creating even more problems.


Common Signs of a Loose Filter

Common Signs of a Loose Filter


Leakage due to loose filters is not always easy to identify. Often, the most obvious signs are the most overlooked. Keep an eye out for the following hints and red flags:


  • Never ignore an oil puddle. An engine with no oil can lead to very serious problems, so you should always check your oil level. You can get car service in Scarborough to confirm this puddle is due to a loose filter.


  • Do you have to keep adding oil between changes? Even if you don’t see a puddle, a loose filter could still be causing your car to expel oil. If you notice you’re frequently adding oil between checks, it may be time to examine your filter in more detail.


  • Watch the oil pressure. As soon as you see the oil warning light, you should stop driving and get your car towed to the nearest car service station. It may be a sign that there isn’t enough pressure to lubricate engine parts, which can quickly become dangerous for your vehicle.


Why Does it Keep Loosening?

Why Does it Keep Loosening


Maybe you’ve run into this issue in the past. You got it checked out, fixed, and patched up, but two weeks pass, and there it is again! The oil signal lights up. There are a few reasons you may be getting this problem repeatedly:


    • Not all parts are created equal. Check your owner’s manual to verify what type and size of filter your car needs. And also, remember to check the appropriate technique and tools required for your specific model. 


    • Not too loose, not too tight: just right. Engines vibrate heavily when starting up, loosening bolts and screws. As such, tightening a filter by hand may not be enough. Yet, tightening it too much can also lead to similar problems. Use too much pressure and you may end up damaging other parts.


  • Issues with the gaskets. It’s one of the pieces that can be damaged by an overly tight filter. Any amount of erosion or wear can result in a leak. Also, make sure that you don’t end up with two gaskets: it creates an imperfect seal. Sometimes they stick to the car when removing an old filter after heavy use.


  • Damaging filter threads.  A damaged thread will most certainly result in a leak. Take care and use the correct tools when operating on or around this part of the vehicle.


What We Can Do About it


Why wait for it to get worse? A loose oil filter can be easily fixed. If you notice the issue, take you car to the professionals. We’re here to help. 


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