2022 Jeep Wagoneer in Toronto

Competition at the top end of the SUV size range is about to get much tougher with the launch of an all-new Jeep model. The 2022 Jeep Wagoneer might be reusing a familiar nameplate from the company's past, but the vehicle is a completely fresh design from bumper to bumper. Here are the key highlights you can expect when the Wagoneer arrives in Toronto.

Spacious Three-Row Design

From the exterior, the Wagoneer follows the classic large SUV design, with its chunky angles and plus-size dimensions edging distinctly into passenger wagon territory rather than streamlined compact crossover. But the imposing format gives the Wagoneer a strong advantage. Where some three-row SUVs tack on a small rear bench as a cramped afterthought, this Jeep can seat up to eight adults in full, spacious comfort.

Power Under the Hood

An SUV of this size needs plenty of power under the hood, and the Jeep Wagoneer has it in spades. Every model in the range is fitted with a hefty 5.7L V8 gas engine making 392 horsepower, coupled with an eight-speed automatic transmission. Rear-wheel drive is standard, but an SUV of this capability shines the best when the all-wheel drive option is added, turning the Wagoneer into a genuine off-road contender. However, this level of power doesn't mean the Wagoneer is a thirsty beast. Jeep has added a 48V mild hybrid system to the powertrain, along with a cylinder deactivation feature to drop the V8 down to a leaner configuration when full power isn't needed. Both of these features combine to give a significant reduction in fuel consumption, making the Wagoneer one of the more economical full-size SUVs available today.

Advanced All-Wheel Drive

There are three versions of all-wheel drive available, with the standard system optimizing torque distribution to the wheel with the most grip. Moving up a level, a two-speed transfer case can shift up to the total amount of torque to any one wheel, perfectly balancing traction. And at the top level, selectable drive modes adjust the throttle, torque transfer, transmission, and more to suit a wide range of conditions. What's more, this final option is paired with air-lift suspension, promising a capable drive over even the toughest of trails.

High-End Interior

Not only is the Wagoneer's passenger cabin one of the roomiest available, it's also extremely well equipped. Upscale items such as leather upholstery and tri-zone climate control are standard, with even more luxuries available as options. The infotainment system is probably one of the most generous yet seen in mainstream SUV. A 10.3" digital instrument display is backed up by a 10.1" central touchscreen, with another optional 10.3" touchscreen placed on the passenger side. And if that isn't enough display area, an optional rear entertainment system provides yet another pair of 10.1" screens for full media display throughout the cabin.

Experience the Jeep Wagoneer in Toronto

Book a test drive of the 2022 Jeep Wagoneer from our Toronto dealership and see for yourself just how powerful, spacious, and comfortable a high-end three-row SUV can be.