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Ram Is Coming After Ford and Tesla With an Electric Pickup Truck

Ram Is Coming After Ford and Tesla With an Electric Pickup Truck

The Ram range of mid-size and full-size trucks dominates a substantial portion of the Canadian pickup market, offering a model for every level of performance, capability, comfort, and budget. But there's one area where the truck maker is lagging. Although the newest models feature mild-hybrid technology to increase battery life and boost performance, there's still no full hybrid, plugin hybrid, or all-electric pickup in the range.


All that's set to change with the announcement of Ram's first fully electric pickup truck that's planned for the near future. The release date isn't yet confirmed and is unlikely to be before 2024, but there are already plenty of details to drool over for pickup fans wanting to get onboard the EV revolution.


The Best Electric Pickup?



It has to be said that Ram is a little late to the electric pickup party, with competing models already available from Tesla, Ford, GM, and others. However, it seems that by taking their time Ram has taken stock of what other truck makers have produced and gone all-out to offer the best electric on the market.


The model is said to be based on the overall Ram 1500 concept, although built using a new platform and with a new body design. However, Ram has also promised that there will soon be a fully electric variant available in all the market segments they currently operate in, including the Heavy Duty area, and there's also an electric commercial van under development.


Range and Charging


To begin with, Ram quotes an all-electric range of up to 800km, approaching double that of most competitors. And while there are no details yet concerning the battery size or charging times, Ram says that the 2024 Ram EV will be able to use DC fast charging facilities at a rate of up to 150 kWh, so loading up the battery isn't likely to be an arduous task.


New Platform



The new Ram EV is said to be built around a brand-new STLA Frame platform, one of four dedicated electric platforms which will form the basis of an entire new EV generation from Ram, Dodge, Chrysler, Fiat, and other brand stablemates. Ram says that every truck in their range will feature some level of electrification by 2025, although whether their current mild-hybrid technology is included in this category isn't entirely clear,


Futuristic Looks


The teaser image released by Ram is intriguing to say the least. The shadowy, blurred outline hints at futuristic curves and a bubble-like cab, making a fairly comprehensive departure from the robust outlines of current Ram trucks. However, don't expect anything quite so distinctive as the recent Tesla offering. It appears that the new Ram EV will still be a solid pickup design rather than an escapee from a sci-fi movie.


Experience the New Ram Electric Pickup Truck in Scarsview



Be the first in line to experience the best electric pickup when it becomes available by booking a test drive from our Scarsview dealership. There's no denying that the all-electric future is fast approaching, but the new Ram EV seems set to take the EV pickup revolution in its stride.

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